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Principal's Message

About Westwood Elementary School

Working Together for Kids' Sake...


Demographics: Westwood is a medium-sized elementary school in the established neighbourhood of Westwood, enrolling approximately 210 students from K-7. Our multi-cultural population helps students develop respect for diversity and one another. Westwood is proud of the climate we maintain...positive and hard-working.

Facilities: We have a large gym and library. There is a networked computer lab and we are wired in with local and wide area networks. The school has 2 adventure playgrounds and large playing fields where the students enjoy many games. Adjacent to the school are tennis courts and blacktop basketball courts. Thanks to our community association, we have an outdoor rink in the winter. Our school is accessible by wheelchair.

What Parents Say: "The best thing about this school are the teachers because they care about the kids. "The door swings both ways. We can talk to teachers and they can talk to us." "Very kid-oriented place; they make it work for kids."

School Song: Well-known singer-songwriter, Lowry Olafson, visited Westwood School. A group of students from Grades Two to Seven spent the morning composing a new school song with Mr. Olafson.  The song was recorded, taught to the school during an assembly, and is now our official school song!  The students did a great job choosing the lyrics which reflect our school's ideas.